Cursor Editor


I really hate you Stop getting in my way I've lost my patience When are you gonna decay? I want to throw you out Just like my broken TV If you'll come back once more It shall be painful you'll see! I hope you die in a fire! Hope you'll be stabbed in the heart, hope you'll get shot and expire! Hope you'll be taken apart Hope this is what you desire! It's almost over Why can't you just let it fly? D
Created: 8 months ago
From: Chris
License: Creative Commons, no attribution

How to add the cursor to your webpage ?

  • Download cursor
  • Put the .cur file into your webserver directory
  • Add the following line to your CSS:
    cursor: url('/YOUR_PATH/cursor.cur'), auto;
  • Replace YOUR_PATH with the correct paths

- or -

  • Put the following line into your HTML:
KodePlays YT (8 months ago)
to not too
KodePlays YT (8 months ago)
do u rlly want me too die

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