Cursor Editor


It was stuck in space for 7000 years. Then,a man named Gordon Freeman went to space for a mission to get the ancient headcrab bile to stop headcrabs from taking over... then, he found this. It can kill 1000 headcrabs faster than light in one shot. It can launch an object 9800 feet up in the air. But, it gives Freeman dizziness, short term memory, and vomiting. Its toxic. Al least it works...
Tags: hl2
Created: 5 years ago
License: Creative Commons, no attribution

How to add the cursor to your webpage ?

  • Download cursor
  • Put the .cur file into your webserver directory
  • Add the following line to your CSS:
    cursor: url('/YOUR_PATH/cursor.cur'), auto;
  • Replace YOUR_PATH with the correct paths

- or -

  • Put the following line into your HTML:

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