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So we back in the mine, got our pickaxe swinging from side to side (side-side to side) This task a grueling one, hope to find some diamonds tonight night night (Diamonds tonight) Heads up, you hear a sound, turn around and look up, total shock fills your body. "Oh no, it's you again! I can never forget those eyes eyes eyes! (Eyes, Eye-Eyes)" 'Cause baby tonight! The creeper's trying to steal all..
Tags: creeper aw man
Created: 8 months ago
License: Creative Commons, no attribution

How to add the cursor to your webpage ?

  • Download cursor
  • Put the .cur file into your webserver directory
  • Add the following line to your CSS:
    cursor: url('/YOUR_PATH/cursor.cur'), auto;
  • Replace YOUR_PATH with the correct paths

- or -

  • Put the following line into your HTML:
Minecraft_gamer1 (8 months ago)
...stuff aigan! so baby tonight! grab your pick shoveel and bolt aigan!

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